Education Committee

Chair: Steve Goldschmidt

Committee Members: Mark Frey, Terry Eibel, Greg Basler

The Education Committee meets as necessary to complete preparations for educational programs.


Edward W. Mohr Scholarship Committee

Chair: Tim Carr

Committee Members: Gaylord Poe, Terry Eibel, Joe Sonnefeld

The Scholarship Committee is the last remnants of the historic "Women's Division" which was absorbed into the general membership 20 years ago. The committee provides the scholarship application forms, sends out the applications, collects the completed applications, assembles an entirely un-affiliated, non-member group who looks over the Scholarship Applications, and chooses an appropriate candidate to receive the annual GCEA Scholarship.


Edward W. Mohr Golf Committee

Chair: Michael Trickey

Committee Members: Mike O'Ryan, Chuck Trotter, Terry Eibel, John Schoenfeld

The Golf Committee is set-up to plan the GCEA golf outing.


Finance Committee

Chair: Greg Basler

Committee Members: John Schoenfeld, Terry Eibel, Joe Sonnefeld, Scott Lepsky


Marketing and Membership Committee

Chair: open

Committee Members: Perry A. Leitner, Terry Eibel, Scott Lepsky