Licensing Info

Joint Venture 2015 Electrical Seminar

 The GCEA is an authorized training agency for providing continuing education recertification hours for both Ohio (O.C.I.L.B.) and Kentucky "CE", "ME", & "EE" electrical licenses.  All the courses offered are applicable toward the required credit hours for license renewals unless noted.



O.C.I.L.B. (Ohio Contractor Industry Licensing Board) -  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR LICENSE CONTINUING EDUCATION .per year  - 
  • 5 Credit hours must be earned in approved National Electrical Code classes.
  • 5 Credit hours must be earned in any other OCILB approved course.  (Code, Business, Health & Safety and Technology) 
 The State of KENTUCKY Licenses the Electrical Contractor with a "CE" license, the Master Electrician "ME" and the Electrician with a "ME".   License renewal requirements per year for each is as follows:
  • "EE"  - 6 hours of National Electrical Code (You may substitute 2 hours with Health and Safety training.)
  • "ME" - 6 hours of National Electrical Code (You may substitute 2 hours with Health and Safety training.)
  • "CE" - 6 hours of BUSINESS courses (You may substitute 2 hours with Health and Safety.) 
See also our KY and OHIO educational pages on this site for further details on individual seminars.
  • The GCEA is your Premiere source for continuing educational needs for OHIO and KY. 
  • The GCEA offers Monday evening classes once a month at our monthly Contractors Division Meetings.  These classes typically provide 1 hour credit in Code for OH and 1 hour for "ME" or "EE" in KY and 1 hour in another discipline, typically business for OH and 1 hour "CE" in KY.
  • Attending 6 of the GCEA's nine meetings a year will provide all your electrical contractor license requirements each year for both Ohio and Kentucky.
  • GCEA offers customized code classes for companies with 10 or more attendees.
  • We offers an annual jointly sponsored large seminar in February.
  • GCEA offers to our member companies an opportunity to sponsor a monthly meeting.  The sponsor is the host for the evening.
The Greater Cincinnati Electrical Association is dedicated to your education and continued success in the electrical trade.  We were pioneers in the continuing eduaction field long before Continuing Education was a "Buzz Word".
We are a very diverse organization with members in many electrical fields within the trade.  That is why we can offer such a wide range of topics with a wide range of very qualified instructors.